Pirates ahoy!

2 bizarre comments about ‘piracy’ – also known as sharing – I read today:

1: Googlephone launch, as reported by the Grauniad.

7.02pm: Why only 512MB for app storage?
Andy Rubin: It helps protect applications against piracy. In the future we’ll increase the storage space.

Eh? How? And if it does protect against ‘piracy’, won’t that be diminished by the planned increase in space?

2: The Grauniad (again) reports on the film Avatar:

For Hollywood studios, a key advantage of 3D is that bootleggers cannot make copies using the simple method of sitting in a cinema with a furtive video camera. If they do, the image they get will be, at best, very blurred, with handheld technology befuddled by digital depth. “Ninety percent of piracy is done by people in the theatre. A crook sits in the theatre with a camcorder,” Jeffrey Katzenberg, chief executive of DreamWorks Animation, told an industry audience last year. “Good luck camcording that.”

Because ripping a DVD is just so difficult, and the result so poor! But sarcasm aside, that figure is an invention and refuted. And shame on the Grauniad for repeating this nonsense.

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