Writings on spatial theory and digital mapping

This bibliography is divided into three sections: spatial theory in general, digital mapping in particular, and practical tutorials. Only texts that are freely available to all online are listed here; I will not list anything behind a paywall or in a limited-access archive. Note that some of these texts will be under restrictive copyright conditions, forbidding sharing, so check the small print before being a good neighbour.

1: Spatial Theory

Chtcheglov, I., Formulary for a New Urbanism. Seminal Lettrist/Situationist text, one of the founding documents of psychogeography.

Foucault, M., Of Other Spaces. Coined the term ‘heterotopias.’ Hmmm.

Guldi, J., What is the spatial turn? Spatial turns from 1880 to 1960, across every humanities discipline.

Sen, J., The Unintended City Startling essay on the rural in the urban and the making of cities by migrants.

White, What is Spatial History?

2: Digital Mapping

Bonnell & Fortin, eds., Historical GIS Research in Canada. Free PDF, with many case-studies drawn from Canadian history.

3: Instructions and Tutorials

A GIS Training Manual. For Historians and Historical Social Scientists.

The Geospatial Historian. In beta, a set of tutorials for humanists with the emphasis on practical and useful skills.

The Programming Historian. Has some tutorials covering GIS approaches.

Last updated 5th October 2014. This list is public domain, and may be freely adapted for any purpose whatsoever.

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